Bike Computer Premium has arrived!


The idea behind Bike Computer – an Android and iPhone app is safer cycling for both enthusiasts and pro cyclists. Bike Computer has launched Premium features for its community of over 100.000 cyclists from every part of the world.

Premium users can now enjoy a modern cycling tracker that prioritizes safety, offers personalized metrics, and unique features – all designed to improve the performance and motivate you to ride more!

Safety First

Bike Computer’s Premium users get access to keep me Safe, a unique feature that can literally save lives. Keep me Safe will send SOS messages with the location to the emergency contacts. Keep me Safe is a favorite feature to cyclists who often ride alone, and want to make sure their family and friends know that they are safe.

Keep me Saves can literally save lives, as this video demonstrates.

What else is included in the Premium Version?

Another popular Premium features are the customizable dashboard where cyclists can re-arrange the metrics that are most important to them, and change the interface to a Dark Theme. The Dark Theme saves battery life for Android, and it also looks awesome on the iPhone. It is great for day and night rides as well.

“Adding new features is part of the challenge and it has been tremendous fun, mainly because we like to talk to cyclists and through research and discussion to find out what they care about”, says Maria Smith, product manager at Bike Computer.

Premium Deals that Keep Giving Back

Bike Computer announced a partnership with independent bike shops who are developing and creating cycling gear. The collaboration will deliver up to 40% discounts on cycling gear for Premium users!

‘’Premium is our all-out effort to keep athletes safe, improve their performance, & to make every activity as enjoyable as possible; we’ve carefully selected partners and providers who share this same ethos. We know that Premium members join to get the most out of their sport & the most out of Bike Computer, which is why we’re committed to continually implementing new features as well as introducing these new premium deals for cyclists.’’, says Maria.

Bike Computer is available for Android and iPhone. Launched 10 months ago, the app has been downloaded over 350.000 times and has grown its community to over 100.000 cyclists.