How to choose the best cover to protect your car ?


A car cover is an essential accessory for anyone who does not have a garage to protect their vehicle during long periods of inactivity. Before buying a cover for your car, you must first consider the features and types available. 


Buy a car cover: understand the base

The car covers come in many different types and sizes so you will need to learn the basics before you find the ideal solution to protect your vehicle. 


Finding the perfect car cover to protect your vehicle for long periods of inactivity can be difficult because there is a wide variety of brands, types and materials. However, it is important to keep your vehicle away from the elements and the weather, especially if you do not have garage space to store it. Here’s all you need to know to buy the perfect cover:


A car cover is like a piece of clothing protecting your vehicle, protecting it from the elements, dust, bumps and even opportunistic thieves. However, different covers are designed for different purposes while different materials and models offer different levels of protection.  


A blanket designed for external use must provide protection from bird droppings, falling leaves and small branches, hail, snow, rain and even sunlight. On the other hand, leaving your car exposed to the elements can cause serious damage to the paint over time and increase the risk of bumps and rust.


Choose your car cover: adjusted or unadjusted

A car cover can be adjusted or inadequate, the latter being generally the cheapest of the two options. However, an unadjusted cover will probably not be able to fully envelop the car, leaving parts of the vehicle exposed to the elements. Because the wind can get below the poorly fitting cover, the cover could even end up scratching the car. 


Fitted covers are generally much more expensive because they are designed for particular car brands or models. However, a fitted blanket offers a much higher degree of protection, and if you park your car outside, it’s often best not to use a blanket at all, rather than opting for a blanket that’s too big and does not cost cheap.


Avoid waterproof car covers

When shopping for a car cover, you might assume that a waterproof model will be the best option available. The problem with so-called waterproof covers is that, while they protect against water, they also retain moisture condensation inside the cover, and this can cause, for long periods, serious damage.


A waterproof cover is really useful as a second cover, placed on top of the first designed for internal use. However, you would usually be much better off buying a waterproof cover made from breathable materials that help the condensation evaporate while blocking most of the weather.


Consider a car cover for the interior

While keeping your car in a garage will greatly help protect it for long periods of time, using an indoor cover can provide an extra layer of protection, especially if the vehicle remains unused for many months. An indoor cover is used to protect the car from dust, bumps and other problems. 


Inner covers are usually made from polyester, cotton or a combination of both. They do not provide weather protection, so you should only use them for vehicles kept inside a garage. When your car cover is combined with a waterproof cover, it also becomes suitable for outdoor use.