Most Awaited Digital Marketing Conferences of 2018


The Social-Shake Up

In early May of 2018, various marketing professionals, IT enthusiasts, SEO strategists and many other individuals involved in the world of digital marketing will be present at ‘The Social-Shake Up’, a conference being held in Atlanta, GA. This conference is quite different from what you may come to expect from digital marketing conferences. You will find very unique and unorthodox strategies at this event, which will help you in growing your presence on social media. Speakers at this conference are known for dismissing the usual strategies and presenting the audience with novel, outside the box ways of thinking. You’ll only find top talent here as the speakers come from multi-national companies such as Coca Cola and Twitter.


Lasting all the way from April-November, you can attend ‘DigiMarCon’, which will be a conference that will be held at multiple venues. The locations will vary depending on the date you choose to attend. The conference spans over 12 different countries from locations such as London, Sydney, New York and more. If you’re a fan of such conferences or just have a general interest in digital marketing, you’re more than likely to be familiar with this. It’s one of the most attended digital marketing conference in the world. You have the opportunity to be exposed to the most talented speakers in this industry, while simultaneously getting to experience different cultures and cities around the world. For those who do not wish to travel, you have the option to opt for an online version of it.

Content Marketing World

Labelled as the world’s largest content marketing conference, held in Cleveland Ohio, this is a conference that you would never want to miss. If you had to choose to attend a single conference in your life-time, it should be this one. Although a bit on the pricey side to attend, it’s worth every penny spent. They have over 100 different sessions held as well as various workshops for you to choose from. These are presented by experts in brand marketing as well as many other topics ranging from ROI, storytelling and lead/demand generation. You are guaranteed to walk away from this conference as a much more experienced marketer than you were when you attended. Your personal networks will grow as you meet those of similar interests and mindsets. Celebrity guest speakers also tend to make appearances.